Sunday, March 13, 2016

Mt Cabot March 13th 2016

Trip report: 

After a failed attempt of Mt Adams the week before, and a forecast of high winds on the presidents again, I decided to do this relatively easy hike that stays below tree-lines but is the longest drive  of the NH 4K peaks from RI.   I drove up the night before, stopped at Mr Pizza in Gorham for a beer and Lasagna, and slept in my truck in the Walmart parking lot ~ 15 minutes from the trail head in the Berlin Fish Hatchery preserve.   I think I started near 0530  less than an hour before sunrise.

No snow at the start of the trail - just lots of ice. wore my microspikes the whole hike. I'll try to remember to rotate this pic later.
a little snow further up but not much.

The old fire wardin's house. Dropped my pack off here for the short hike over to the official summit
Mt Cabot Summit, marked by the  piece of wood screwed into that tree.  Just before I got to the Summit, Chris Daily, that  know from VFTT came up behind me. Chris is a super fast hiker working on his grid list (each of the 48-4ks in each month of the year). He took this pic for me, we chatted for a few minutes, and he was gone like the wind.

Ran into a pair of Grey Jays along the ridge. these guys were shyer than most.the'd take my food but not get that close to me.

Good views from the few openings along the trail

Lower part of the trail runs along the side of the river. Always like hearing the rivers flow while I hike.

Last picture i took.  This was a very easy hike compared to my others this winter. Partly because i hiked light with my summer pack with just the essentials and no snowshoes or crampons.