Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Mt Snow (Chain of Ponds) and failed attempt at Boundary Peak - both Maine NEHH


Trip report is TBD. (maybe)

Today was suppose to start with Boundary Peak from the Canadian side. However I came across a locked gate on the road that I thought woud lead to the trailhead and after driving around for an hour or so trying to figure out how to get tothe trailhead I headed back to the US side and grabbed a few hours of sleep at a rest area a few miles before the border.

Parking for Mt Snow (chain of Ponds) "trailhead".  I got to this spot going down several dirt roads on the west side of Rt 27
Parking area trailhead starts on far right corner. 
Path starts as a gravel road over several wooden logging bridges
See the yellow arrow pointing to the left up the trail. That is the wrong way (I think it is for ATVs) The trail to the peak branches off from the "road" to the right here, then continues up a herd path and intersects a grassy grown in road.  It then follows that road to the right to a small cairn and continues on as a herd path to the right.



I lost the track several times when the herd path was interupted with downed trees.

 The top of Snow (CoP) is kind of a junk yard of debri from old fire towers.
 Wooden peak canister.
contents of the canister.
 Base of an old fire tower. It is suppose to be climbable. but with no views with the haze - why bother.
summit pic
 Top of the old fire tower in the background.


  I was back to my truck at 12:17. Trail was a lot easier to follow on the way down. Not enough time to do another peak today. I'm off to the Statton Public Library to figure out why I couldnt find the trailhead for Boundary Peak. Then a wolfburger at the White Wolf Inn, and a long dirt road drive to the "trailhead" for the next day.