Sunday, January 5, 2014

The Kinsmans 1/5/14

Did the Kinsmans Sunday 1/5/14. I only needed South Kinsman for my winter list (long story) but had to go over N. Kinsman to get there.  Fairly easy hike, a lot of people on the trails on this perfect weather day.



This trail has a fairly long gentle slope logging road so I  brought a sled that I wanted to try out as a "pulk" for carrying gear in on some of the longer winter trails with closed roads or long gentle slope areas (Lincoln Woods for Owlhead and the bonds). I found that it worked good up to a certain steepness where carry it on my pack would be easier.  Also found that using a shoulder harness worked better than a waist harness like most people use. I think i will make a double shoulder harness for my next mod. I left the sled/pulk on the side of the trail once i strtedf getting some elevation.

sugar shack along side the logging road.

   Mt Kinsman trail crossing Kinsman ridge trail
South Kinsman #13/48 NH4K winter.  Actually this Isn't really S. Kinsman. This is a peak a bit beyond the actual S. Kinsman that a lot of people think is S. Kinsman because of the large Cairn. My wife says I look like a rRussian coosack dancer in this pic.

Pics from the Kinsman ridge(below) Clear day and a lot of people showed up at the 2 peaks.


  My pulk/sled on the way down. most pulks will have stiff sleeves (pvc pipe) over the tow ropes so you can tow them down hill without them running you over.  I only had lines but found that on a consistant slope I could follow the pulk and stir with the lines pulling me down the trail - like walkindg a dog.  For the trails/roads that I plan to use this on this should work pretty good.