Saturday, September 22, 2012

#25 & #26 The Osceolas, Sept 22, 2012

#25 & #26  Osceola (4340'),  Osceola East (4156')  September 22, 2012 [with Kris]

      First non-hut hike with my Grandson,  Kris.  Originally we were just going to do Tecumseh from Tripoli Rd.  But, once we got there, I needed a head call and there were no facilities at the Trailhead so we went onto the Osceola trailhead and since we were there…   Actually, Tecumseh was just an excuse to go hiking because I promised his mom it was real short ;).  Weather started off good but went downhill quick and we had light to heavy drizzle and fog most of the way up.  We put on rain gear and  by the time we got to Osceola’s visibility was so bad we could not see the edge of the cliffs at Osceola (see pics).  But, I persuade Kris that the weather was getting better and talked him into going to E. Osceola - but it was really his call.  The weather did improve some though while we ate lunch out of the wind just below the tree line north of Osceola.  Going down we took the bypass of the chimney along the path to E. Osceola , but it was still tough for Kris. The rock ledges were slippery and Kris could not get himself to climb down backwards as I had advised.  Going to E. Osceola we passed a small group coming from E. Osceola via the “Kanc”. Then at the viewless summit of E. Osceola we ran into a larger group and had to wait our turn for a summit picture. By the time we got back to “the chimney”, the trail and ledges were dry and we ventured vertically up the chimney.  Kris did really well on this steep scramble. When we got back to the Osceola summit, it was a bright sunny day and there must have been  50 or more hikers lounging around the summit cliffs.  Too crowded for us, we went straight through after a few pics and hiked down the trail.  Half way down we did have one incident where I slipped and fell on an inclined wet rock section of the trail and then Kris attempted to “come to my aid” also slipped and fell.  We both got minor cuts and bruises from this but not really bad and we bandaged up at the trailhead.  Back at the trail head, which had no other cars when we started, we counted 30 + ars, and this was after 6 cars of a Boy Scout group had left just after we got down.  Overall it was a good hike and we both agreed it was a good choice to keep going after Osceola - but I do realized it was a bit risky – the weather at that point could have gone either way- and the last thing I want is for Kris to have a bad hiking experience.

Kris at the trail head - Our usual early start.
First car in the lot.

On the way back down we both slipped
and bled on this section of trail.

Osceola Kris's 7/48 my 25/48
Great views of 10 feet way  :)

7/48 & 26 /48 NH k's
weather is clearing.

Snack break.
Looking down "the Chimney" we just climbed.
Photo may not show it but this is like 40+ feet of near vertical climb.

Kris at the top of "the Chimney" Great job!

Turned out to be a nice day.

Marker on Osceola

Kris back on Osceola.
Crowded on top now.


Glad I brought Kris along to keep me awake on the long drive back to RI!