Friday, July 3, 2015

Peak Above The Nubble - PATN (#95/100 NEHH)

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07/03/15 Peak Above The Nubble PATN (#95/100 NEHH)
Did a bushwhack of one of my last few NEHH with my grandson Kris.
This peak doesn't even have its own name. It is a peak near and a bit higher than another which is nicknamed Nubble Peak (its formal name is Haystack but there are several Haystack Mts in NH).
The trail (but there is no real trail) starts off of Haystack Road near Twin Mountain NH.  It is a short hike distance-wise of 4.0 miles. We took 4.4 miles with our wanderings and following wrong herd paths.  But, being a bushwhack, it still took us almost 8 hrs.  As far as bushwhacks go it really wasn't too bad. We managed to avoid any real bad spruce areas and only had to contend with vines and some cliffs.  We had a GPS track which we sort of followed and coordinates for areas to avoid.  Going up we ran into a wall of cliffs which we decided to climb rather than circle as the track we had did.  I'll try and add to the hike description later. (Or Not) but will post the few pictures I took now. this was my 95th NE Hundred Highest . Only three in VT left (two Jays and Dorcet), and East Sleeper and Vose Spur in NH. I am saving Vose Spur (which is a tougher bushwhack). Maybe I can get Kris to do Vose Spur with me if i can convince him that there wont be many bugs ;)


I just noticed that the date stamp on my camera is 12 hrs off: 07/02 20:10 is07/03 ,  07/03 08:10 00:02 is 07/03 12;02
Hike starts at an old logging road off of Haystack Road marked by three boulders. We cut into the woods ~ .25 miles up the logging road.  

Not sure why i took this pick, but this is typical of the woods we bushwhacked through.

 Kris up ahead waiting on my slow butt as usual.
 Lots and lots of Moose skat. I was hoping to find another shed antler but no luck.
 Some views behind us at an opening on the way up.

 Some sort of steep areas, I forgot to get a pic of the cliffs which was a fun climb.

The following pics are views from an open area just beyond the peak where we ate lunch. We actually hit the summit near 12:30.

 Kris, not happy about the flies buzzing around the top.
 My summit Pic  #95/100 NEHH
 Kris  #8/100 NEHH, his foirst peak not on the NH4k list
 Back at the grown in logging road, 5 minutes from our finish.
Kris, did his usual great job of conversing with me on the long ride home - LOL