Sunday, January 22, 2012

#7 N. Kinsman (4293') January 22, 2012

# 7:

 01/22/2012 (Sunday)  Kinsman N. (4293 # 28) Basin Cascade Trail to Cascade Brook Trail to Fishing Jimmy Trail to Kinsman Ridge Trail, and Return.

9.9 miles,  3177 ft elevation gain,  7:22 Book time.    My time 9:00 hrs;  (06:30 – 15:30) ratio = 1.22  Planned to do both Kinsmans by starting early and taking the Kinsman pond trail from the cascade brook trail but Kinsman pond trail was not broken out so I had to go to Lonesome Lake anyway and ran out of time.  My set turnaround time was at noon and I was only at N. Kinsman then.   On hindsight I should have gone on to S. Kinsman.  Would have only added 1.8 mi, book time 70 minutes or ~ 1.5 hrs for me so I still may have been down by 1700 (just past dusk).  But then again I didn’t have much left when I peaked N. K. , and my knee did go out on me on the descent, so it was probably a smart choice.  I’ll probably just have to do N.K. again because there is no shorter route to just S. Kinsman.  Weather was fair and clear 10-30 deg.   4-6 inches of snow off-trail.  Trail was fairly well broken out but icey used HillSounder crampons most of the hike.    Never tried my snow shoes.  I stashed my pack and shoes shortly after Lonesome Lake.  I did post-hole some on last section of Cascade Brook trail to the Lake.   No other hikers on the way up but 3 groups of 2-3 going up while I was going down.  Overall a very good hike.  Top of N.K. has trees blocking the views but some good views of cannon going up.
{post note from October 2012:  I have now done S. Kinsman (and repeated N. Knsman).  I must have missed the ledge that had great views just below N. Kinsman}.
Pictures: - Not many captions. Its been too long since I took these.

Views across Lonesome Lake towards Cannon
- notice the  snowshoe tracks across it.

Lonesome Lake Hut - not a great picture of it.
Solid ice on parts of the trail

Views going up to N. Kinsman

#7 N. Kinsman