Friday, January 1, 2016

Nimble 20 sailboat (not a hiking post)

I am just using this post as a temporary place to share some photos of my latest project - restoring a 20 foot trailer-able sailboat. It's not really a restoration, shes in pretty good shape, but the person i bought her from had her 15 years and never sailed her.
here are some pictures of areas i might be referencing. Also many/most of the pics are just a reference for myself.
1. Nimble 20  on trailer, Infinity - my Catalina-30 in the background.
2.  the tabernacle is not mounted to the boat yet its just sitting there
3. swing down part of rudder
7. out of foucus, i'll replace later
8. i pulled the cushions out of the v-bearth , have a small leak from the i'm tracking down
I think i have found it. there is  some damage to the side panel.
9.bad stain from rusty can, havent attempted to clean it yet
10 pipe is lead for the swing keel line. pipe nipple may be an access to push down the keel with some sort of dowel - so i have been told.I've also been told you may be able to pour biocide or something to minimize groeth on Center board
11  tiller - needs to be bolted to the ??
 12 motor well

13 first attempt at rigging the mizzen
14 mast head

15. Wat is the black fairlead for?
16; broken mast light

17  cracked base plate on alum mast base, i've decide to remove and use nuts&bolts with backing instead of screws.

 19. i assume this brass thing is for the anchor line
 20. solar powered vent - not working
21.  another view of the anchor line access  (I assume)
22. thinking about replace wire rope on the trailer  pulley

23. electric panel
24 im assuming the battery stows here under the companion way

25  installed mast step, and what i think is the backing plate for the tabernacle (never installed)

 tabernacle (aluminum i assume)

26.  mast step not bolted to mast base yet

NEW PICS  9/27/16  Again many/most of the pics are just a reference for myself.

 27. havent started looking at the motor yet
 28 tabernacle that i ma not going to use
 29 ...

 30 nimble 20 on trailer and dog painted on bow . LOLits his reflection.  Infinity in the background.
 31. Next 3 pics not about the boat. Came across an offsprey on more morning 5 mile walk wasnt sure what it was at this point.
32. HE had just caught a baby rabbit (i'm not sure if it was dead yet). but he was determined not to keave it even when i got as close as 3 feet.
 33,. kept his yes on me as i walked past and down the trail

 34. removed.
 35. someone really did a hack job on the mast putiing hole in for What?  this may have been when they added the pipe sections for the tabernacle, was it done at the factor r by aprevious owner.
36. mast power lead and antenna lead.  I think the power lead is way to big.  and i dont think is hooked up to the anchor light yet.

37. port side of mast. I'm assuming the block is for the jib halyard/.

38.  more hack jobwhy two holes?
39.  mast head with cover plate removed, I may have to pull completley to run wires.
40.  mast step that i am going to use. I found the 5" pins
connector is for the antenna, but where is the connector for the mast lights power.
No I'm now pretty sure it is a power connection and there is no thru hull connection for the antenna.

41  broken anchor light

 42. rudder gudgeon and pintals, (spell?)  seem alitle wimpy.

 43. cracked mast base (cast alum). I removed it by drilling through 5 pop rivets
 44. mast base plat removed cast holes seem really too deep for pop rivots, i may tap holes and screw back on.
 45. boom starboard side miszzen boom (sprit) beside it.
46 boom port side TBD

47. WHAT IS THIS, there were two that came with the boat but i have no idea what they are. basically a screw incased in a lead cylinder. looks like a vice grip was need to remove it. fo something.