Thursday, January 30, 2014

Tripyramids 1/30/14

N. Tripyamid & M. Tripyamid 1/30/14

{March 30 - 2014:  while cleaning up some of my posts I just realised I never posted this hike: I'll download the pictures and try to remember something about the hike to write later, but honestly the main reason I make these posts is that I forget many of the details shortly after the hike so that the blog is more for my benefit then anything else}

 I had a choice of coming in from the WatervilleValley side as I did for my non-winter Tripyramid hike in November of 2011 olr coming in from the North on the more popular winter route from the Kancamagus Highway.

   Summit pic on N. Tripyramid

 Summit picture on M. Tripyamid.
 Finished just after sunset.