Tuesday, February 2, 2016

North & South Twin Feb- 2-2016

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North & South Twin Feb- 2-2016

Took this at the parking area to get a time stamp but forgot to raise the flash. Started the hike at 0500.

 The winter route only crosses Little River once, crossing was just areley ice bridged.

too many rocks for snow shoes. 

 This is as far as I got last March on my failed attempt of the Twins

 Note this is only 7 minutes after the last picture. If I had only been able to get past that one ledge it would have been an easy walk to the top. Thing is I probably wouldnt have had the energy left to go onto S. Twin since i had broken trail most of the way.

 overcast - no views yet

 At the junction to the overlook near or at N. Twin

 Great views from this overlook near N. Twin if it was cklear
 A few icedover boulders on the hike over to S. twin

 S. Twin. not sure if this boulder or another is the actual peak.

 This is probably the true peak.
 Little River on the way back
Done 1548 10+ hrs on hike. This is the parking area for the start of the winter route.