Monday, March 30, 2015

Failed Attempt at the Twins 3/16/14

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Twin Mts (Failed winter attempt) Monday 3/16/5:


 looking up the river that the trail initially followed and crossed several times

 faint sight of the trail here
eventually there was hardly any sign of the trail with  6-12" covering the packed trail

same spot looking back at my tracks

No sign of the trail here
 The Presidents taken from the spot that I finally gave up at.

 I think the trail goes up to the left here along the row of spruce, but the snow was too deep and too soft me to get far after 2-3 tries.  I was told later that if I had gotten past this point the .25 miles left to the peak should have been easy.

 looking up from the highest point I got to  (4500 ft - less than 200 vertical ft from the top)

 Last picture I took after eating before heading back down - very disappointing I was hoping to add 2 or 3 peaks to my winter list before the end of season.
 Didn't take any pics on the way down, this is almost back at the trailhead at the snowmobile bridge you have to cross to get to the winter bushwhack to the actual trailhead.  It took me  a little over 3 hrs to get down from where it had taken  me over 6 hrs to get up.