Sunday, January 19, 2014

Tom, Field, & Willey 1/19/14

Tom(4051'),  Field(4340),  & Willey(4285) Sunday 1/19/14.  

Avalon/MtWillard Trailhead (03:50) - Avalon Trail - A-Z trail, Mt Tom Spur - Mt TOM(07:00) - back down to A-Z trail to Willey Range trail to Mt Field (08:50) -  to  Mt Willey (10:20), back to Mt Tom(11:30) - down Avalon trail  To TH (13:30) :  hiking time 9.75 hrs.  Did this same hike in june of  2012 in a bit over 9 hrs. That was one of my worst hikes and I was on the verge of hypothermia. This winter hike was much better but  not a clear day with many views.


Started at zero dark thirty (03:49)

 I was planning to hit Mt Tom at Sunrise but started a bit too early.

Mt Field Summit  Thats my "Spot" on the cairn trying to send a signal.

Mt Field. Trail behind me goes on to Mt Willey. I gave myself a break and dropped pack here and went on to Willey with just my bug-out fire jumpers pack.

  Limited view from Mt Field, Im not sure if this is Tom or Avalon.
 Small cleared area at Mt Field summit with small cairn there is  short path north to a view area (above phot taken from)
Blow down tree wave half way to Willey - no real views but you get to see the sky again.

 Summit pic at Mt Willey. "Summit" is a bit of a stretch. It's just a tiny cleared area 20' off the ridge trail that is a bit higher than the trail. Much like Zealand, but at least Zealand had a sign.
Fat Grey Jay begging for food at the tiny Mt Willey clearing. I hadn't brougt any trail mix so he patientley waited while I dug out a ganola bar and crunched it up for him.   He wasn't as tame as some I've seen. He would take the food out of my hand while staying on his branch but then would quickly fly off then come back for more in 30 seconds. He made about 5 trips.

  This is taken from a clearing coming down the steep Avalon path.  I think that is Mt Avalon. there is a short 100 yard spur off the trail to the peak which is suppose to have great views, but with the sky being overcast I passed on going uphill any more than I needed.
 You can just barley make out the trail here. It is packed under the snow but there was only one set of tracks in the 3" of recent snow (from the speed hiker that I crossed).


 One of two wider river crossing that should have been snow bridged this time if year. It wasn't too hard to cross on the way down but they were a bit challanging going up in the dark by headlamp.

 Where I slept the night before (in the truck - not the bunk house) in the Highland Center parking lot ("registered guest only" - SHHHH! ) just outside the Shapleigh bunk house. I think thats Mt. Tom in the background.


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