Friday, January 10, 2014

Osceolas 01/10/14

 East Osceola and Mt Osceola:

My 3rd winter hike this season.
Did these peaks from the South with my grandson in September 2011 , but Tripoli Rd is closed in the winter and the common winter trail is from Greeley Ponds Trail (trailhead on the Kancamangus), to Mt Osceola Trail. Only 7.6 miles but it has a very steep section going up to the ridge east of E. Osceola.
 AMC gives a summer book time of  5:25 my time was 9.5 hrs.

First part of the hike was easy on a hard packed trail, but once it started climbing up to the ridge at ~2800 feet,  there were solid ice flows the full width of the trail. I changed to my 2" crampons on that point.  Going up th ice was fairly easy, but going back down was really hard and scary even with the crampons.    This was my 14th and 15th winter peaks   - only 33 more to go.

started just as sun was coming up

^ Intersection of Greeley Ponds and Mt Osceola trails. trail was level to this point.

ice flows going up to the ridge.

Getting near the ridge i could hear the wind howling , but no wind below the ridge.
 Pictures from a view area on the ridge east of East Osceola - not a clear day (below) :

The unimpressive peak cairn on East Osceola.

#14/48 winter 4Ks
  Looking back down the by-pass for the infamous Osceola chimney. This is the "easy" alternative to the chimney. Doesn’t seem too bad but my camera is aimed 30 degrees down.   I was contemplating trying to go up the chimney as I did in 2 Sept 012 with my grandson,  but common sense prevailed after 1 nanosecond.

  Interesting bubble ice flow.
Top of Mt Osceola. foundations of old fire tower.  No wind here took a quick soup break.
 #15/48W4k (self photo on timer)
At this point I hadnt seen anyone on the trail but just as i left the peak 1 hiker and his dog arrived who  quickley did the peak then came down and wizzed past me.
  No views from the top today, but in clear weather there are great views here. (see below)
 Kris on oscela september 2012
a few more people up there that day.

 Weather cleared a bit with a few good views (below)on the way down but tougjh to catch on camera through the trees:

Done, almost 5pm (9.5 hours)

Just a slight dusting of snow today. I almost didn't go today because of snow in the forecast, but didn't like the rain and too warm weather forecast for the next 3-4 days.

I figured out a way to put all my "SPOT" satelite beacon transmittals on one map as I send them. Anyone can look at these. I have to start transmitting more signals (especially at major turns) the map looks like I did a lot of bushwacking which I didnt. Click on the link below to see them. The site only saves them for seven days. If you click on "map" (upper right) then "terrain" you can see the elavation contours.


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