Thursday, August 15, 2013

Camel Hump Mt & Mt. Mansfield Vt

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Aug 15&16, 2013: Two more Vt hikes. I did  Camel Hump with my brother Clayton on Aug 15th, and soloed Mansfield on the 16th while Clay stayed at the campground and went Kayaking.
We drove up on the 14th set up camp at the Little River State campground.

8/27: I'll complete this trip report and add some pics within a day or 2. Just setting up placeholders now.


I took very few pictures on camel hump:
somehow I never took a picture near the trailhead or all the way up. So I don't have a time stamp of when we started but i think it was around 0730. the hike up was pretty uneventful and no real views. driving up to and back from  the Burrows trail trailhead along the long steep unpaved winding  Camels Hump Rd was more memorable

Camel Hump geo marker at peak at 11:00 ~ 3.5 hours up

View North to Mansfield

Clayton on Camel Hump

View South continuing down the LT . An alternate route down is to continue south along the LT and take the Forest City trail do to a bypass that connects back with the Burrows trail. However, a hiker we met that was coming back from the peak described it as very steep and scary. Plus it starts on an exposed west side of the mountain with very high winds coming from the west.  So we returned the way we came up via the LT and Burrows.

finished early at 13:30

It was kind of strange to be down from a hike so early, we drove around the are sightseeing.  I checked out the trailhead at Mansfield for the next day. We drove by the Ben & Jerry's factory which is a major employer in the area.

back at little river state campground

The campground had canoes and kayaks for rent. Clay took a pretty bad fall going down Camel Hmp and chose to stay at the CG and kayak while i bagged Mansfield the next day.

started at the LT crossing of Rt 108 just North of the  Stow Ski area.
9/3/13: The rest of the captions are TBD. I'm heading North to Baxter State Park today to attempt finishing my NE4k list.



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