Friday, September 19, 2014

Mt Nancy & Scar Ridge - NEHH in NH Sept 18&19

{These reports were written Oct 11, so I am afraid I don't remember all the details of these two hikes}

Thurday, Sept 18, 2014 Mt Nancy - New Hampshire  is on the NEHH list. Trip Report is TBD.

Friday, Sept 19, 2014 Scar Ridge ?? peak - New Hampshire and is on the NEHH list. It includes a hike up to the top of Loon Mt via the ski trails and then a Bushwhack to the ?? peak. Trip Report is TBD.

Mt Nancy 9/17/14 Pictures:




 Nancy Pond -  Perfect place to spot a moose - but I didnt.




Back at the trailhead at 4:pm.

Scar Ridge 9/18/14 Pictures:

 I Couldnt park at Loon Mt. because of the annual Highland Games so I had to park 3 miles up the road at my favorite trailhead; Lincoln Woods.
Reached Loon parking lot after a 1 + hr road hike.

Interesting network of vines crawling along the ground.

faint herd paths started apperaing near the top.

  Canister at the top of Scar Ridge

Large sheets of Birch bark

odd growth of trees, I've seen this same thing on many other hikes.

 Large field of these plants along my intended path. harder to walk through then you might think.

Finally back at N. Loon at 1:45 pm after a tough 6 hr bushwhack.

After some debating with myself I decided to take the most direct and steep route down under the ski lift. This is typically hard on the knees but I've found that if I crouch down and do a sort of duck walk it's not too bad.

 Two wild turkeys. Who say's I never see wild life. Of couse I can also see these were O live in RI.
snow boarding paraphernalia stored at the bottom of Loon

The Highland games were mobbed by the time I got to the bottom.

Lincoln Police in their kilts.

Crossing the bridge from Loon to the Kank. Luckily I caught a  a lift after several minutes and didnt have to hike all the way back to Lincoln Woods.

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