Friday, December 25, 2015

Galehead Mt, Dec-25-2015

This was my 30th NH 4k winter hike, though it was more like spring or fall day. No snow, almost no ice and above 40 degrees. The only thing making it more difficult than a summer hike is the extra 3 miles of road hike because Galehead Loop Rd was closed.  Actually it would have been a lot easier with some snow to smooth out the trails. This was a very disappointing hike for me because on the way back down I actually told myself I was through with peak-bagging. The problem was the almost continual shortness of breath, even while descending.  On the steeper uphill sections I was only good for less then a minute between stops to catch my breath.  Now that its been a few day, I'm starting to think I will try to keep going.  I also have an upcoming appointment to try and get out of Afib, so maybe that will help. I really think the problem is a combination of my emphysema and Afib because I don't think my emphysema has progressed enough to have the effect I'm feeling.

I have no pictures for this hike. When I took out my camera near the beginning of the hike to try and take a picture of the full Christmas moon it was dead. I still haven't been able to revive it so it may be more than the batteries.
The entire hike was ~14 miles including the 3 miles of level road walk. I started two hours before sun-up at ~ 0430 and finished 12 hrs later. Originally I was planning to also bag at least South Twin and optimistically N. Twin.  South Twin would have only added 1.7 miles but an additional 1200 feet of elevation gain and I didn't have it left in me after doing Galehead.  If I keep hiking I'll have to try and do it with North Twin. I had a failed attempt at North Twin last year when I was only ~200 ft from the summit.

No pics this time but here is my track that I uploaded to Wikiloc

 Zoom in of track: You can see that adding S. Twin would have been a lot more elevation, and that coming in from N. Twin may be easier.Though it will likely be a snowshoe hike by the time (and if) I do it.

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