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Dorset Peak VT (#99/100) NEHH

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Dorset Peak 08/01/15

This is my 99th of the New England Highest 100 peaks. One to go; Vose Spur New Hamsire.

I had scouted out the trail-head the previous day.  Its along a backwoods road that starts at the end of Tower Hill road in Dorcet VT. Depending on your vehicle you can park at the end of Tower Hill Road or drive up the jeep path as far as you dare. There are several spots were you can park and turn around but there are some bad washed out areas that you would need a high clearance 4 wheel drive (like my tacoma). I think I saw one posting that suggested that you may be able to drive as far as the cabin (picture later) but that is no longer the case.  Before reaching the cabin the road has been completely washed out and is now just a boulder filled dry river bed see the next couple of pictures.

I didn't realize it on the way in, but if you cross the "river bed" right were the road clearly ends.there is a new herd path on the left (west) side of the washed out road.

The previously mentioned "cabin" that every post takes a picture of is pretty much grown in this time of year.
Surprising there was evidence of recent tracks  Some dirt bikes but some that looked like 4 wheel jeep or ATVs, i cant imagine that they came in the same way I did.
This section of the trail is not particularly difficult but it does have a pretty good continual grade to it.

About an hour and half into the hike (~ 1.25 miles from the hut). The trail/road comes to a "T" intersection. You take the right here.  I noted that the road coming from the left looked in really good shape, and I wondered if that may be a better way up. I have since found out that that is another way up from Danby Four Corners and may be a easier grade but may be la bit longer. I was told by a hiker I met on the way down that that route is described in the Vermont Day Hikers guidebook..
Shortly you come to another split. the fastest, but steeper  way is to the right, as someone has marked with branches.
This part of the trail, though in good shape is quite steep. Not "scramble" steep, but "puff-puff-puff" steep.

Part way up you come to a very tempting cairn and a herd path sharply to the right. The track that I had did take this path but rejoined the main path later. If you are just looking to bag Dorcet, dont take this turn. It leads to an old fire tower, that has fallen down, from what I here there are no viewsther anyway
Later you come to more choices but the signs say that the road to the right also goes to the tower and nowhere else (except maybe a the herd path back to the main trail at that cairn).

Right after the  split to the tower is another split, at first I went right but it had many blowdowns and didn't seem right by my map so I turned back then noticed the door knob tree that i've seen in other post. You take the trail  just to the right of the door knob.
Another junction with worn out signs, I think the trail to the left is from the that left fork8npictures back. Aany rate you can just make out the sign pointer that says that the summit continues on straight here.
Finally the weirdly written Dorset sign with the canister and rusted out metalpitcher. #99, One to Go!

More rusted out pans and pitchers. No mountain views to take pictures of so these show up in  everyone's trip reports.

I didn't take any pictures on the way down.

Back at the spot I parked the truck.  I was tempted to see if I could drive all the way to where the road ends at the washout, but wasn't sure how much room there would be to turn around. It would not have saved much - only .25 miles of near level road.
Back at the White Marble Quary off of Rt 30 at S. Dorset that I had stopped at yesterday when I was scouting out the trailhead after hiking the Jays.  Took a few more pics changed into trunks and repeated my quarry jumps from yesterday. Just as I was leaving it started to rain and there were pretty good down pours for the first few hours of my drive home to R.I.

 This leaves only one to go for my New England Hundred Highest ; Vose Spur, which is suppose to be a fairly tough bushwhack in New Hampshire.

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